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"School" Photos

Getting school photos done is an incredible way to document the year, your child's growth, and special things that they love about school.   Whether you homeschool and miss out on the typical school photos, or are tired of the options you get from school photos... this is your chance to get beautiful photos in real settings that you are actually happy with!


1.  I will be offering two dates for Mini Sessions in the Valley.  Mini Sessions are 20 minutes long and you will will be provided approximately 8-10 high resolution edited photos which are ready for you to print or share as you wish.  We'll get photos of each child as well as siblings together and maybe parents if there is time.   $75.  Sessions will be held Tuesday September 19th between 3pm and 6pm in Kentville (Seven Bridges at the end of Mitchell Ave in Kentville) and Sunday September 24th between 3pm and 6pm at the Old Mill Trail near Greenwood.  Email me with your preferred time and then email transfer $40 to secure your spot!

2.  You can book a full family session at a location and time of your choosing.  This includes 20-25 high resolution, edited photos which are ready for you to print or share as you wish.  This could even be at your home with some shots of homeschooling in action!  $175

3.  If you are looking for something the size and price of the mini session but can not make those days let me know, I may be adding more sessions, or you can do the session at my house for the same $75 price.  

Have a look at these examples!  Thanks to my awesome models, Charlotte, Ivy, Cyrus, Teghan, and Braegha :)  Don't forget to 'Like' my Facebook page -

Fresh 48

Fresh 48... Newborns.... First Moments.... Love!

Hospital lighting is terrible...  However, getting to take new baby photos is pretty amazing to say the least!  I even got to sneak lots of snuggles in.

We actually did two sessions at the hospital and one at home.  It was wonderful!

This is the adorable Everleigh Shea, born May 1st.  She was a whopping 10lb 9oz, a week before she was due! Congratulations Alyson, Eric, and big sister Ana!  

I gave them a full set of black & white and colour images, because, I loved both.  Here's a selection.

52 Week Project, weeks 5-8

Here is the second set of pictures in my 52 week Project!  It was hard to decide what to do for them, but also very interesting.  If you missed the first set, have a look here!  This group ended up having a mostly black and white theme!

5.  SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera- no editing of any kind allowed).  This was taken on a local trail during one of our homeschool hikes.  Charlotte and Braegha are hiking along in the background.

6.  On the Shelf.  This is taken at Ross Farm Museum.  All the items would be from life on the farm in the 1800s and 1900s.  

7. Shadow.  I had a hard time deciding what to do for this one, but I love how it turned out!  The sun was not cooperating and kept disapearing on me.

8. Long Exposure.  Long exposure is when you slow down your shutter (the 'snap' is not as fast as normal).  If you want to freeze motion such as a kid running so that they are not blurry you need a high shutter speed, when you slow the shutter speed down it will create blur. Commonly used in star photography, waterfalls to get a creamy blur on the water, and lights of cars blurring by.  I used it on my kids playing violin.  I LOVE how they turned out!  Of course I couldn't include one kid and not the other!

Thanks for having a look!  I hope you keep checking out this project as the year goes on!  

Adventure to Ross Farm

I like to include some adventurous/lifestyle photos around here!

We spent a day at Ross Farm Museum last week at a homeschool event.  Ross Farm is a working farm based on how it originally would have been in the 1800s when the Ross family lived there. 

The kids could pick from various workshops - candle making, woodwork, farm animals (they got to feed animals, collect eggs, and milk a cow!), open hearth cooking, nature trail, and school house. It was so much fun!

It was a great event at a great farm-museum.  Check out Ross Farm if you haven't been there!

Now for the photos....

The best thing about lifestyle photography are the random moments you catch!   I was originally just snapping a picture of the two smaller kids in the middle, Willow and Teghan... but the woman running the candlemaking workshop combined with the older kid, Owen, is priceless... it begs to be captioned with something funny!  

Braegha participated in the nature walk in the afternoon... technically she was a bit young for it and being in the afternoon after a busy morning she quickly got bored of it.  This is how she reacted to most pictures, when she wasn't full on crying.  Her friend Isabelle wasn't quite as miserable as she was at least!

The kids had fun feeding and seeing the farm animals.  They were fascinated by a cow pooping.  Though nervous they would get pooped on when milking it. 

The nature walk was interesting and it is a beautiful trail around the farm, more suited to the older participants though.

Woodworking and candlemaking were big hits... I was jealous of the candlemaking, must try this at home.  Interesting though- these candles are made from animal fats...  which I didn't know until our dog became VERY interested in Teghan's candle and he told me it was animal fat!

We didn't get to participate in the actual school house workshop, but we did stop in for a mini version before heading home!  The slates were a big hit!

And of course, no trip to the farm would be complete without a wagon ride with friends!

Such a great day even the rain didn't damper spirits!

We all had so much fun, can't wait for the next one!

52 Weeks Project

A 52 week project is basically taking a photo each week for the whole year.  There are so many ways to embark on a 52 week project. You could create your own or find a list of ideas.  You could do it all on the same topic, on various topics, or many other ways.  I decided to follow a list I found on Pinterest - I just liked something about this list!

This is the list:

So far I have completed the first month of the challenge.  It has been fun thinking of ideas to photograph for this.

1. Me, at the beginning.  This was taken with tripod and remote on a cold, snowy day in our yard.  

2. Time.  As far as I know, this clock was given to my great grandparents on their wedding day (December 21, 1909 in Cutknife Saskatchewan).  As a kid, it hung in my Grandfather's kitchen and my sister and I would wind it up and hear it chime.  It no longer works, and one day I will take it in to see about getting it fixed.  I have always loved the clock and am so grateful to have it hanging in my home.

3.  Upside down:  I had fun with this image!  It was a late night random idea that I went with.  

4. Symmetry.  I wasn't having much luck funding symmetrical things I liked the look of, so I made symmetry instead.

I like the challenge of the 52 weeks project.  It has some topics I wouldn't normally think to photograph. I'm excited to work through it!

It's a fun type of challenge for anyone at any photography level to do.  I did a 365 day project when Braegha was born, a photo a day for the year, and it's now a treasured book!  

I hope you enjoyed the photos!