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Adventure #5 Black Rock

We have been so busy adventuring this summer and fall that it left me no time to organize pictures of the adventures or blog about them!  So I will catch up on a few. 

Black Rock Trails are a well kept series of trails totalling nearly 20km!  Years ago I hiked most of it with my husband, but these days with the kids we have only done the 2km section.  We were there for the second time recently with our Forest Friends group (outdoorsy adventures with other homeschoolers).  In the spring there are wet and muddy sections of the trail, but with our dry summer and fall we did not have any mud this time around.

To get there, look for the second community hall type building on Black Rock Road (Map).  The trails are directly behind the building.  To get to Black Rock Beach (check the tides!!), continue towards the shore and stick to Black Rock Road as it runs along the shore.  In the summer you may even catch a glimpse of a wooden sea creature out in the water.  On this map you will see the road branch off along the water- go this way and park out of the way.  There is a beautiful beach with amazing rocks, tidal pools, and a small lighthouse.  

It should also be noted that cell service is extremely limited, don't rely on having reception on the hike or at the beach.

The hike provides wonderful opportunities for adventure!

I may be biased, but I loved all the photos being taken by the kids!

The trails are well maintained, and have a variety trees, streams, mushrooms, fairy houses, and one of the long routes takes you to the beach.

After some silliness on the trail we made our way to Black Rock Beach.  I love the beaches along our shore- none are the white, soft sand of the south shore, but each one is so very unique.  The types of rocks, the shapes of rocks, the cliffs or lack of cliffs... each one is truly amazing.  Back Rock doesn't have many gemstones or crystals like you can find in Baxter's Harbour and Harbourville, yet interestingly it sits in between those two beaches.  Black rock has amazing shape to it's rocks and cliffs, really neat little ecosystems contained in pools caught in the rocks, and various colours to the snails found there.  

As always, check the tides!  You want to be there close to low tide, and if you plan to wander down the beach at all be sure that the tide isn't close to being on the way in- like every beach on this shore the tide comes in fast and you do not want to be stranded, or worse. 

Beach pictures....

As always, we had a great afternoon exploring!  I just love exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Valley.  We did a lot of exploring this summer, but have a lot more to do.  It's such an amazing area!

Where should we explore next?