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Welcome to my world!

I am so happy to introduce you to my new website, blog, and photo gallery!  I hope you will enjoy my photos.  

I LOVE taking photos, always have!  I have driven a few family members and friends crazy with the amount of photos I take, but then they always appreciate them in the end.  I was a  seasoned 'selfie' taker long before they were a thing and long before camera phones.  I can always be found with a camera near by.

These days I take it more seriously -while still having fun and keeping shoots as fun as possible for everyone.  Even the reluctant Dads end up saying the shoots were more fun than they expected!  I'm ready to do anything it takes to get a good photo, I'll get down in the mud, up in a tree, you name it.

I love taking all sorts of photos; portraits, random moments, animals, scenery, birthdays, events, and more.  Capturing photos of children is so rewarding because there's nothing a parent loves more than those children.  To be able to provide parents with pictures they will cherish is priceless.   I also have a soft spot for taking pictures of the kids with their favorite toy or blanket.

I'm a firm believer that adults need more awesome photos of themselves doing what they love!  As parents we take a step back and make sure the kids get pictures taken.  If we are in the photo we often hide behind our kids.  As adults with no kids it's easy to not even think of having photos of you taken.  However, trust me- we need to have more than smart phone selfies of ourselves down the road - let me capture you doing what you love!

I hope you will follow along, check out what I'm up to, and book a session for yourself, your family, or whatever else you have in mind.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to smile!