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Packing for Bluenose!

It's been a crazy busy two weeks around here!  I have barely had time to think straight.  Last Saturday was the Mini Session Fundraiser for Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (CWRC).  I had a lot of prep work to do for that and the day of the photos I was also volunteering all morning at a local youth run (it was freezing and pouring rain... but cleared just in time for photos!).  Since then I have been working hard on editing photos (in between homeschooling, activities with the kids, and less time than normal as my husband is away for work).  I am not as far as I would have liked to be at this point so bear with me as you await your photos- because the next couple days are busy too!

This weekend is the Bluenose Marathon Weekend where I am running the half marathon.  The mini photo sessions were a fundraiser as part of my fundraising efforts for CWRC's Bluenose Fundraising team.  This is my second year running Bluenose as a fundraiser for CWRC.  It makes the run extra special when you are racing for an awesome cause like this!

So on top of photography and fundraising (and life in general) I've been running as much as possible and doing other workouts to get ready.  I was behind on training for Bluenose at the start, but I pulled it together in the end and feel great going into this weekend.  I won't be as fast as last year (2:01:55) but that's totally okay.  I'm hoping I end up under 2:06.  My run is Sunday morning. 

Teghan and Braegha and four of their friends are all running the kids 2k Saturday morning- about 4000 kids run in this and it's amazing!  Last year Braegha was only 2 and stayed in the stroller for almost all of it, but this year she'll have no problem covering 2k and will run it with her friend Hilary and Hilary's Mom (my running buddy) Anna (check out her blog- Piper's Run- she will be running 10k Sunday).  Teghan and Anna's oldest, Lilly, will run with me.  Then we are sticking around until the 5k in the afternoon because four of my awesome friends are running the 5k- all are fundraising for CWRC and all are doing it because I inspired (pestered?) them to get into running.  So I am just as excited to see them run as I am for my own run!  Saturday will be amazing all around.  Sunday I have 3 friends running the 10k and all are either fundraising for CWRC or have been big supporters.

It's going to be such a great weekend.  Congrats in advance to everyone who is running and THANK YOU to everyone who has supported CWRC!

If you would like to donate to my run for CWRC please click here.

Scenery at the Mini Sessions last week.