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A flower, Calvin and Hobbes, and some creepy photos...

Yesterday Teghan went outside with a sack which was filled with a rock, eraser, map, and an umbrella because that's what Calvin did.  He's been reading (well, mostly we read it to him) the complete treasury of Calvin and Hobbes.  It comes with mixed feelings, some of Calvin's adventures are awesome and have Teghan's imagination running wild.

However, Calvin is also a pretty rude/bad kid a lot of the time, and has inspired some of Teghan's rude behavior lately.  Luckily not to this extent though - 

Anyway, on his adventure through the woods carrying his rock, eraser, umbrella, and map filled sack (having a broken arm doesn't stop all adventure after all!) he came across the periwinkle in our woods coming into bloom and very sweetly brought me one of the flowers along with a kiss, and the phrase "You're the best Mom in the whole world".  It was adorable and I just had to take some pictures of the flower.  I ended up practicing some Macro Photography while I was at it.  Teghan said after a little while "You sure are taking a lot of pictures of that one flower Mom".

I love the uniqueness of a lot of Macro shots, it really is an amazing form of photography.  I still have a lot to learn about it, I've done very little.  But I thought I would share the flower photo.

I had fun with the flower and decided to try some Macro images of a few toys.  This produced some creepy dragon photos!

And one more of the first dragon, looking even creepier-

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