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Mini Sessions and Bluenose Results!

I have been so busy... this was a late post.

Thank you to everyone!  Thank you for sharing - so many of you shared the event, my website, my pictures, my fundraising page.  Thank you for donating, thank you for booking either a fundraising mini session or a regular session, thank you for the patience while I edited, thank you for the kind words, thank you for those who made getting my training in and actual race possible... Thank you everyone!

Bluenose weekend was busy!  Saturday was the kids run which was incredibly hot and over crowded, but we survived.  Anna (Piper's Run) and I had planned to switch kids so that I would run with the two older kids and she would run with the two younger, but it was so crowded that we all walked in the end.  I then got to stick around visiting with friends until the 5k where I had three amazing friends running... all were fundraising for CWRC too and all were possibly pestered into running by me.  I was excited to cheer them on!

Sunday started off over tired... I just couldn't fall asleep the night before- so I ran 21.1k on about 2 hrs sleep.  It was not my fastest half marathon, but I paced myself well and still had energy for the crazy hills in the last 5k of the race.  I finished happy and strong.  2:04:37.  

Photo Credit - Tim Chesnutt

It was a pleasure to once again raise money for Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre with my run at Bluenose- they do such amazing work.  My personal total was $740.  Thank you so much!

Below you will see some examples from the mini sessions I did as a fundraiser.  Please let me know if you would like to book a photo session!  Thank you again for the support.