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Sailing... and photo distractions.

Casey and I began sailing together 21 years ago (we met in Sea Cadets at age 12!).  Small boats at first, now we co-own a 28 foot Viking in Halifax with our friends/neighbors/fellow homeschoolers the Smiths.  A bit of background- the boat is not a thing of beauty- upon discussing painting it, Casey's comment was "It would be like putting lipstick on a pig".  It's not THAT bad though... well, depends who you ask I guess.  However, it's a sailboat, and we get to sail!  That's what counts.  The poor boat had sat on shore for a couple of winters with water in it and the entire interior was ruined, it took months of work to get it back to sailing condition and it is still just an empty hull with a plywood floor.  It gets us on the water though!

Now, I must admit, that even though I was once the better sailor and taught my own sailing school for years- I still lack confidence sailing the larger boat.  Casey does 90% of the actual sailing.  I'm usually handing out snacks, water, sunblock, toys or beer to our various passengers.

Cheers to the Bluenose!

Or..... I'm taking photos.  I often have to put away the camera before we can tack, gybe, drop a sail, dock, etc.  It's possible it annoys Casey once in a while... or a lot.  But he never complains too much.  Even when my camera is not in hand I tend to be considering whether I should get it out or not.  Last week I actually took the helm for the first hour or so of our sail and it was wonderful!  Except that I kept getting distracted by the pretty boats on the horizon and wondering if I should hand the tiller back to Casey and get the camera.  In the end, I sailed and I'd like to say that I was awesome, but I wasn't- I kept pointing too high or missing wind shifts because I was watching the scenery instead! Still a fabulous sail though, even if I didn't take any pictures.

However I do have other photos, from different days of course: 

Savannah sailing into the sunset!

Addison at the helm.

Addison at the helm.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!