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My Favorite Photos from 2016

Thank you everyone! 2016 was the official beginning for Krystol Bell Photography, and I am so happy with how this first year has been.  Thank you for your support - the business, the shares, likes, comments, sending people my way, and of course the personal words of praise and encouragement.  Thank you all, for everything!  Please keep up the word of mouth and the social media interaction so that more people see my pages- I would be so grateful to you!

I am looking forward to even more excitement in 2017.  More blog posts, more adventures to photograph, more clients, more opportunities, and more fun.  

Below are some of the photos which stood out to me from 2016.  It was SO hard to decide though!  I would love to hear which is your favorite, from this post or from the rest of the website.  And of course, please share :)

Melissa and little Fern, snuggles by the pond.

Sweet little Ivy required some bribing for smiles...  but oh so worth it!

Hannah was a natural... all smiles, every time!

Sarah and Lucy enjoying a summer day at the beach-  Love Sarah's hair and the feel of this one!

Baby Huddy getting all his ducks in a row... or maybe getting them out of a row is more accurate!  I had been wanting to do a rubber duck/umbrella photo for a while and he did a very cute job of it!

These three were so much fun, and I loved that they were happy to make their way out on to a sketchy bridge!

Lilly and Hilary are a couple of sweeties, always ready for me to take their picture... they may be getting used it!

Alyson, Eric, and Ana - I love their joy shining through in this.  Ana is very hard to get looking at the camera, so this fun, cuddly shot was extra awesome.

Cassie and Ashley modeling some of the Run Wild Child clothing line I photographed.  (I can't link in the description, but here's the website! ).  This was such a unique and fun photoshoot, it was almost strange only photographing adults!

Charlie, Ben, and Hudson were happy to have their pictures taken, and extra happy to get to play while doing it, I love the feeling of this picture- boys on an adventure together, they have lots more of those in their future!

Esme and her horse were so much fun.  The horse is a well trained, show jumping horse and was not as happy to snuggle and get cute, cuddly photos as we would have liked, but it was still so much fun and I love how Esme's love shines through in this image!

Sarah was modeling another shirt from Run Wild Child out at Baxter's Harbour.  Her hair, the clothing and blanket, the waterfall... it all goes so well together!

I couldn't decide between the two pictures of Esme and Spurr!

Ben teaches my son violin and we just think the world of him.  I love the tone of this photo on a very cold, snowy day.  You can see how happy and kind he is.

Lily has a natural soft beauty that went with the light of the day so well.  

The Symons Family braved -15 to get some pictures in the snow!  It was a fun morning of making things work in the frigid temperature and we were rewarded with many lovely photos.

Craig and Jane, so much love and caring in this photo, with a beautiful background enhancing it all!

The Park family, I love this family so much and love how their photos turned out.  There are a couple troublemakers in this group that make sessions interesting!

Ella and Milo.  Ella has so much natural beauty, inside and out.  Her love for Milo (and his cute ears) can't be beat!

Arrow, a puppy in her very first snowfall.  She's grown a lot in energy and spirit since this photo was taken!

This photo isn't amazing by any photographic standards, but it was just such a crazy awesome Nova Scotian moment - out sailing ourselves and toasting the Bluenose with a Keith's!