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The Symons Family (and a very cold morning!)

The Symons Family were waiting for snow to do their family photos, and with it came the cold! It was -15C the morning of the photos. With blankets, breaks in the car, hot tea, and speedy transfers between shots we got everyone through it. Poor Ainslie, who is eight, was shaking like a leaf, but she was determined to keep at it.

These photos are from December... It has just taken me a while to get a blog post ready!

The kids all play violin, so I was very excited to be taking photos of them playing. I find the violin so beautiful to see being played as well as listen to. I truly enjoy photographing people with the items they love or doing activities they enjoy- think about what activities or items you would like to include in a photoshoot with your family!

I had such a hard time narrowing down the photos in this session, there were so many images I just adored. I was smiling at photo after photo as I went through them. I edited in two different styles as I went through, because I knew some of the family members would prefer it in different styles. So you will see a sampling of both below.

Have a look through and see how beautiful and unique your photos can be in the winter!


Thanks to the Symons Family for the chance to photograph them and share!