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52 Weeks Project

A 52 week project is basically taking a photo each week for the whole year.  There are so many ways to embark on a 52 week project. You could create your own or find a list of ideas.  You could do it all on the same topic, on various topics, or many other ways.  I decided to follow a list I found on Pinterest - I just liked something about this list!

This is the list:

So far I have completed the first month of the challenge.  It has been fun thinking of ideas to photograph for this.

1. Me, at the beginning.  This was taken with tripod and remote on a cold, snowy day in our yard.  

2. Time.  As far as I know, this clock was given to my great grandparents on their wedding day (December 21, 1909 in Cutknife Saskatchewan).  As a kid, it hung in my Grandfather's kitchen and my sister and I would wind it up and hear it chime.  It no longer works, and one day I will take it in to see about getting it fixed.  I have always loved the clock and am so grateful to have it hanging in my home.

3.  Upside down:  I had fun with this image!  It was a late night random idea that I went with.  

4. Symmetry.  I wasn't having much luck funding symmetrical things I liked the look of, so I made symmetry instead.

I like the challenge of the 52 weeks project.  It has some topics I wouldn't normally think to photograph. I'm excited to work through it!

It's a fun type of challenge for anyone at any photography level to do.  I did a 365 day project when Braegha was born, a photo a day for the year, and it's now a treasured book!  

I hope you enjoyed the photos!