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Adventure to Ross Farm

I like to include some adventurous/lifestyle photos around here!

We spent a day at Ross Farm Museum last week at a homeschool event.  Ross Farm is a working farm based on how it originally would have been in the 1800s when the Ross family lived there. 

The kids could pick from various workshops - candle making, woodwork, farm animals (they got to feed animals, collect eggs, and milk a cow!), open hearth cooking, nature trail, and school house. It was so much fun!

It was a great event at a great farm-museum.  Check out Ross Farm if you haven't been there!

Now for the photos....

The best thing about lifestyle photography are the random moments you catch!   I was originally just snapping a picture of the two smaller kids in the middle, Willow and Teghan... but the woman running the candlemaking workshop combined with the older kid, Owen, is priceless... it begs to be captioned with something funny!  

Braegha participated in the nature walk in the afternoon... technically she was a bit young for it and being in the afternoon after a busy morning she quickly got bored of it.  This is how she reacted to most pictures, when she wasn't full on crying.  Her friend Isabelle wasn't quite as miserable as she was at least!

The kids had fun feeding and seeing the farm animals.  They were fascinated by a cow pooping.  Though nervous they would get pooped on when milking it. 

The nature walk was interesting and it is a beautiful trail around the farm, more suited to the older participants though.

Woodworking and candlemaking were big hits... I was jealous of the candlemaking, must try this at home.  Interesting though- these candles are made from animal fats...  which I didn't know until our dog became VERY interested in Teghan's candle and he told me it was animal fat!

We didn't get to participate in the actual school house workshop, but we did stop in for a mini version before heading home!  The slates were a big hit!

And of course, no trip to the farm would be complete without a wagon ride with friends!

Such a great day even the rain didn't damper spirits!

We all had so much fun, can't wait for the next one!