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Adventure #4 Harbourville

**Remember... ALWAYS check the tide times.  The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world and it VERY quickly can leave you trapped.  I prefer to go when the tide is on the way out to mostly clear that risk.

I had been to Harbourville a few times before, but only to the main section of beach right by the village/'downtown' area of Harbourville.  I then heard about a different spot.  To get there I take hwy 360 and then turn right onto Russia Rd (See Map).  Russia Rd is a gravel road that is easily passable and well maintained.  After driving just a short distance the road goes down a hill and you will see guard rail on the Left and beside the guard rail is a small road/ATV trail.  This trail will take you directly down to the beach.  Some people with rugged vehicles drive down it, but I recommend parking on the side of the road (it's nice and wide) and walking in.  The walk in is only about 50om.  

The path in/out of the beach.


Both times that we went we adventured with some of our homeschool buddies.  It's a gorgeous spot and the rocks, gems, and amethyst that can be found are amazing!  Both times I went 2-3 chunks of amethyst were found and countless other gems and interesting rocks!

There are two waterfalls and a small cave as well as various rocks to climb on and over.  It's an incredible spot.  Have a look below!


I'd love to hear from you:

Where should I adventure to next?

What is the most interesting beach find you have found?