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Adventure #3 Hirtle's Beach

Adventure # 3 took us to Hirtle's Beach this week.  It's near Lunnenburg NS and can be found on this MAP.   It's an incredible 3km of beautiful sand, amazing waves, and endless fun!  Even when the cars are lined up down the road after parking is full, the beach isn't crowded because it's so huge!  Beside the parking area you will find boardwalks to the beach and two outhouses.  There's also a beautiful lagoon across the sand dunes from the ocean (beside the parking area). 

Here's what it looks like when you look in each direction after arriving on the sand.  It's beautiful!  There's also a 7km trail at one end which sounds amazing, but will have to wait until we don't have 3 yr olds with us.

We went to the beach with Anna and her girls.  They had recently been to PEI beaches and were excited for another day of playing in the sand.  If you read about our adventure to McNabs Island, you'll have learned that Braegha is severely lacking in good sand exposure (read it here).  At first she was confused by how it blows everywhere and kept getting it in her own face and everyone else's.  She was also annoyed by how hard it made it to snack, but she got used to it and loved it.  She's dying to go back!

Braegha and Hilary loving the sand.

I was excited to try the skim boards I had bought at a yardsale... they seem easy enough... you just run, toss it in front of you in about an inch of water, and run on to it.  Then you just have to keep your balance and skim across the water.  Well I totally chickened out for fear of falling flat on my face.  I just couldn't muster the courage to run onto it.  So we all played in the waves for a while.  Then I grabbed the boogie board and caught some incredible runs in.  The waves were just amazing.  I could have stayed in the water all day.

Photo by Anna with same finishing touches as the other photos.

Anna was not so sure about boogie boarding, she lacks the rough water confidence that I have.  But then we saw these awesome seniors head straight out into the waves with their boogie boards.

After a conversation about us hoping we are doing things like that in our 70s, Anna decided to hit the waves and totally fell in love with a new activity!

Loving a new adventure!

We had a wonderful day, and I hope you get a chance to check out this beach!  Here are some more photos of our adventure.

I'd love to hear from you:

Have you been to Hirtle's?

Where should I adventure to next?