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Adventure #2 Houston's Beach and Medford Beach

*Remember... ALWAYS check the tide times.  The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world and it VERY quickly can leave you trapped.  I prefer to go when the tide is on the way out to mostly clear that risk.

This is the second installment of my adventures.  See the first one here.  I would be so grateful if you'd share these posts :) 

A couple Saturdays ago I was doing an early morning photoshoot at Houston's Beach for Sarah's family.  Her and I both have Yarmouth, NS roots and happily keep crossing paths over the years.  We both live in the Valley, and have for a very long time, but neither of us had ever been to Houston's beach.  That really means I should have scoped it out before that morning, but it's really far from my house, so I hadn't!  It was a great spot though, both for pictures and for future visits with my kids in tow.  

Houston's Beach is very close to Blomidon Beach and Provincial Park.  I have been to Blomidon many times, and somehow never noticed the INCREDIBLE view of sandstone formations on the next point.   I had to pull over and take a closer look:

Medford Sandstone in the distance as seen from Pereau Rd.

It was medium tide at that point and I could see that there were caves and archways to be seen.  I decided that after the photoshoot I needed to go find what was there and how to get to it!  I also knew that by then it would be closer to high tide and when you live around here that's a big deal.  The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world, so what you can get to at low tide is FAR below water at high tide.  

Anyway - back to Houston's Beach (See map here).  The beach is exactly at the end of Stewart Mtn. Rd, so it's pretty easy to find. I expected that since I was arriving at 7:30am it would be nice and deserted.  Not so much.  Apparently it is a great fishing spot, there were probably 8 trucks and ATVs parked and unloading boats and fishing rods.  Flounder was the planned catch.  There are no facilities of any kind at this beach and that combined with the amount of men unloading fishing gear made it tricky to find a spot to pee... I did find this beautiful Morning Glory in my search for a spot though!

Morning Glory flowers are one of my favorites, I used to love the vines growing wild all around my house as a kid!

Houston's beach is beautiful- red sand, gorgeous cliffs, warm (for around here) water, bright green sea grass, a nice stream (watch it though, it VERY quickly goes from ankle deep to thigh deep and beyond as the tide goes up... learned that the hard way!).  

It was a really fun photoshoot and a great way to find a new spot.  I will definitely go back with the kids another day.  After the photos I drove towards the sandstone arch I had seen, I really just guessed and felt my way over there and found it without any problem. 

To get there follow this map to the end of North Medford Rd.  There's an okay place to park beside a farmer's field.  Then you head straight forward towards the cliffs on a path next to the field.  To the right is a well used path through raspberry bushes that will take you down to the beach (it's wet, a very shallow stream runs the same path).  If you go past the path you will be at the top of the cliffs.  DO NOT TAKE SMALL KIDS OR DOGS TO THE TOP OF THE CLIFF!  It is a very abrupt drop off to the beach below and cliffs erode all the time, stay back from the edge!  I crept very carefully towards the edge, but not too close and did so by laying down.

 It was nearly high tide when I was there and there was a family wading back from around the corner though waist deep water, they are from the area and still got caught by the tide, so you need to use extreme caution.  With the water high I couldn't explore too far, but will be back at low tide to follow up with more pictures of low tide.

And a picture of the farmer's field-

Valley Life!

Nova Scotia is amazing.  There are so many incredible spots just waiting to be explored!  Get out there!

I would love to hear from you-

Have you ever been to these spots?

Where else should I adventure to?

Have you ever been in a tricky tide situation?

Wild Rose along the path down to the beach