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Adventures in Homeschooling

Since long before I had kids I knew I wanted to homeschool.  I was homeschooled until grade nine and frankly, I think I turned out okay ;).  My Mom homeschooled my sister and I before there were resources like the internet, You Tube, Pinterest, or Facebook groups to offer support, friendship, and advice.  I'm not sure how she did it!

For many of us homeschoolers we battle the constant Mom guilt of whether we are doing enough 'school' work or if we are getting outside enough or if we chose the right course of action curriculum wise.  I try to remember that it's all about balance.  Currently, I have time to write this because Teghan is sitting beside me quietly refusing to write any of the sentences he is supposed to... some days go better than others. 

We tend to spend a lot of time outside in the yard, at the lake, sailing, swimming, skiing, running, and hiking.  I love that homeschooling gives us those opportunities.  And it makes the rough days worthwhile. 

Every week we do a combination of Run Club and 'Forest Friends' with other homeschoolers. It's so great to get out adventuring, see new places and let the kids play and explore together. We've made some amazing friends and it's great to enjoy time together.   It also happens to provide some chances to photograph random adventures, bonus!   Enjoy some of the pictures from recent adventures with homeschooling friends!  I would love to hear what your favorite adventure spots are.