Real Estate and Construction

Professional Real Estate Photos will make your house listing stand out in the sea of options.  Perfect for both sales and rentals.

Professional Real Estate Photography can make all the difference in your listing (rental or sale).  It shows off the house, the staging, and all the features of the home.  It makes it stand out in the sea of options.

The first little cottage is a lovely Airbnb listing in Port Williams, (book it here)!

You want your own website to look amazing, the buildings in the middle section are built by Barnett Builders  and metal roofs by Premier Metals these were photographed for their websites.  

After that you see a perfect little cottage in Port Joli NS (If you are interested in booking it click here!).

Then you see homes and buildings by Bentley Built Homes (a couple of which are staged by Noelle from Monk and Nun - she does all kinds of staging, home decorating, wedding staging, and more!). These images are used on their websites and social media.