"School" Photos

School Photos! Whether you are a homeschooler looking for some "school" photos or a public schooler looking for something different... this is the way to go! 


*Mini Sessions (available on specific dates, or if you arrange a few families to be photographed in a row) $75 for 20-30 minutes with 10 finished photos (Yes you can do one mini session for a few kids, you're paying for the time slot rather than per child).

*Regular short sessions (Can be booked whenever) $100 for 30 minutes with 10-12 finished photos

*Regular full, creative, family based sessions are always available and booked at your convenience (great for getting a variety of shots with varied backgrounds) $175 for 25+ finished photos

***If you're looking for something else... I'm flexible, lets chat!  

Have a look at some examples!